Strengths And Limitations Of Starbucks

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To understand the Starbucks phenomenon, I think it is crucial to understand what were the points of strengths that have allowed Starbucks to have a great success at the beginning of the company life, as well as those that are the current success factors. In addition, I believe that this reflection should be developed first and foremost in the United States where the project has been successful, and then in the rest of the world where customs, traditions, commercial models and stories completely different from American ones.
Starbucks is an American chain that was founded in Seattle in 1971 by 3 students from the University of San Francisco (Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher, Zev Siegl, a history teacher, and Gordon Bowker, a writer). The
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The strengths of Starbucks' initial development were:
- Offering the best Italian products in roasting such as: espresso, cappuccino, frappuccino, mokaccino etc. Breathe the beloved made in Italy by offering quality and wide choice.
-Creating a large and "familiar" environment where customers could feel at home. Result obtained through specific furnishings such as large sofas, armchairs, tables of various shapes and features with classic styles. The clientele (very varied) found Starbucks a meeting place where they could read, meet friends, create meeting points, etc.
-Offering a wide range of typical American sweets (cheese cake, Muffin, Apple Pie etc.).
Today, Starbucks is a well-established and successful phenomenon every year that improves its performances without giving any sign of slowing down. It is important at this point to try to understand what are the "current" factors of its ongoing development, which we can summarize in some key
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A small revolution as the Company has always "ignored" Italy despite being present all over the world.
The Milan store will be the first Italian stage of an expansion that, according to rumours will open in Bergamo, but also to Verona, Venice and Rome
As anticipated in interview to Corriere della Sera, Managing Director Howard Schultz:
"The Milan store will have a strong design content in harmony with the city and an ad hoc music for Milan's taste. We have a partnership with Spotify, the platform for music services. We work together. There will then be a partner for food, a name of the craft made in Italy "
This is the idea of Starbucks CEO where in an interview he stated I am ready to enter the Italian market by the end of 2018 and to open in Milano the biggest selling point of Europe defining this adventure as a real
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