Strengths And Models Of The Four Community Justice Models

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In my paper, I will describe the four community justice models; involvement, partnership, mobilization and intermediary model; their strengths and weaknesses. Then I will provide an example of a community program using one of the models.
In community justice several methods have been made to assist individuals of the community and justice systems develop an understanding of the various community justice activities. The conceptual model of community justice strategies is the involvement model; the partnership model; the mobilization model and the intermediary model. In the involvement model, citizen participation and policing involvement are a few of the main factors. With the involvement model, there is more interactions between police and residents, which permits both parties to work together to neutralize the effectiveness of criminal activity. In this method, police work collectively with citizens to identify issues that are affecting public safety in an area, gather records about the issue, design a strategy to resolve the issues, and enforce the strategy (Clear et al., 2011). This structure includes the citizens at all levels, even at the implementing stage which is one of the most important stages. The involvement model has a several advantages for both the citizens and police. The police benefit from this model since the involvement model presents another source of data pertaining to local public safety issues. Further it also provides a way to receive information about policing priorities. Another advantage for the police is the fact that this model creates a bond and support system for them in the community for police practices; since they are usually criticized (Cano, 2017). This also opens the eyes of the residents to see why police do what they do; and no longer criticize the officers. The involvement model creates a social bond between both the police and the community; allowing both parties to exchange thoughts and set up new techniques by which both parties ban benefit. The model also has it weaknesses. The police act as a single entity to help resolve issues within a community; but with most communities having more than one issue going on; it is impossible for the police to be able to address
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