Strengths And Objectives Of Sony

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Sony’s objectives,

In October 6, 2000 Sony announced its “Environmental Vision Towards Sustainability” stating their target of “double Eco-Efficiency”
Explaining their website how they will manage that,

Sony will monitor and aim to increase the eco-efficiency of our operations based on the following formula:

Eco-Efficiency = Sales / Environmental Impact

Of particular importance are CO2 reductions and reductions in material use, and in these areas Sony aims to achieve an improvement in eco-efficiency at a factor of 1.5 by 2005 and a factor of 2 by 2010 (against figures for 2000). These targets will include a particular focus on CO2 emissions and energy consumption. The document "Green Management 2005" will contain the specific numerical targets for FY
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Sony is a corporate brand whose identity is deeply rooted and very well established in the minds of potential customers

Strong brand image with high brand equity

-Sony has a strong brand image with a high brand equity that is known by most people globally, highlighted by the fact that the company was ranked as Asia’s most valued brand in 2011. (The Wall Street Journal, Jul 4, 2011

Rich heritage of technological expertise

-The company has a rich heritage of technological expertise. Besides inventing the VCR, Walkman, and Trinitron color TV, the company is part of the development of magnetic recording tape, CD (Compact Disc) and the Blu-Ray disc (Used today for High-Definition video playback).

PlayStation’s got Sony’s back

-The company operates in many markets, which allows it to diversify its risk, for example the video game segment has been generating profits for a long period of time. Thus keeping the company from having larger losses.

Monopolize the brand

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