Strengths And Opportunities For Growth

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Strengths and Opportunities for Growth
There were few strong point to this lesson. The organization and details were strong, but the implication of the lesson plan broke down as the time disappeared too quickly. Also the anticipatory set went smoothly and was enjoyed by all. One area for improvement is to pay attention to the amount of time needed to complete the lesson. Once the lesson written the writer needed to complete the lesson while timing the whole thing. This will allow the educator to know exactly how long it is need to complete. Another area is to split the class up into groups allowing them to work on their graphic organizers together. Splitting the class into groups would have been beneficial to the special needs students.
Different Learning Styles
There are traditionally three types of learning styles: audio, visual, and kinesthetic. The students who were audio learners heard the story and all of the instructions. The visual learners could follow the words in the book and saw the examples on the board/smartboard. The kinesthetic learners did not have any opportunities to do any hands-on learning. The main response from the students was feeling rushed or overwhelmed or rushed. All of the students did very well and participated during the allotted time they scheduled for ELA.
Learn, Practice, and Mastery Content
The students had the opportunity to learn how to fill in their graphic organizer by watching as examples were written on the smartboard. They…
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