Strengths And Poakness Of Tripadvisor

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TripAdvisor invests a lot in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The TripAdvisor would be number one in top page from SEO perspective when people search for accommodation or city’s attraction on Google The demonstration of their SEM is that at the top of search result in Google there will be advertisements by TripAdvisor. Nowadays the Internet has a huge impact on people’s lifestyle and it changes practically everything. TripAdvisor shows itself as one of the leading websites in hotel and restaurant spheres. For example, the hotels whose ranks are higher have more direct bookings; higher average daily rate and revenue in compare with the hotels whose ranks for 30-40 position lower. With the help of online …show more content…

Primarily the company’s strengths include an overall positive brand image within their target market, user-friendly content and believable online reviews. Their strengths have brought many opportunities to the table for the company included a growth in demand as well as a growth in equity and an expanded target market via mergers. However, the main weakness of TripAdvisor who faces threats due to increased competition is the decision of company to not utilize a third party to verify the identity of its users means that the risk or fake …show more content…

The brand promises provided by TripAdvisor are 1) a promise to enhance the travel experience and 2.) a promise to help their customers to avoid disappointment or make proper travel-related decisions. In order to make good on these promises, TripAdvisor is emphasizing a few unique selling points: 1) a “Your Friends” tab that allows the consumer to see where their friends have traveled to and what their thoughts are on those destinations via syncing with friends lists from various social media sites, 2) a new unique and valuable loyalty program

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