Strengths And Recommendations Of Quik Chik

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Functional strategies- The Support Processes
Weaknesses-Quik Chik is currently lacking in this support processes as no information found which suggested that it use proper ERP software for enterprise management.
Strengths and Recommendations-Organizations need to have information access to make timely decisions. It is essential for Quik Chik to properly manage the information as it plans to expand and grow. For this, it should efficient manage the accounting systems and information systems to monitor and control organizational processes for successful existence and growth. Nowadays, different enterprise management systems are easily available and organizations are using them to save time and do smart working. These ERP (enterprise resource
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According to the industrial perspective of the competition, the industry here is pure competition as it has many number of sellers (both in US and Canada) with very little or no differentiation at all. If we take into account the market perspective, then there are many competitors who are serving the same customer needs as Quik Chik. In the case of strategic group, on dimension of quality and price, we can group together Quik Chik with KFC and Popeye’s.
Strengths-Firstly, the existing unique resources and distinctive capabilities of Quik Chik have enabled it to have strong relationship with banks to get loans for the franchisee and farm suppliers, use of trans-fat free canola oil and fast growing number of franchises.
Weaknesses-According to our analysis, it lacks a sustainable competitive advantage. According to Miles and Snow’s adaptive strategies, Quik Chik falls into ‘analyzer’. As it analyzes its competitors and adopt strategies according to their strategic actions and performs in detail analysis of new business ideas like expansion etc. before making final decision. Moreover, it does not follow complete cost leadership or differentiation strategy from the Porter’s Generic competitive strategies rather it follows the integrated low-cost differentiation strategy with low level of differentiation (referring to trans-fat free canola oil and 100% halal hand slaughtered
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