Strengths And Skills Of A Leader

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Strengths and Communication Skills Leading by Example Aligning my strengths and skills a leader possesses will support my development. Communication is a key attribute to any professional. Leading by example through effective communication with colleagues, customers, and managers coordinates leadership skills with my strength. Hayter (2006) uses the letters is the word “speak” to translate what effective communication is. Establishing the structure is the first part. Clear organization of one’s thoughts assists the listeners’ comprehension. Purpose provides the intent of the communication (Hayter, 2006). Therefore, defining the purpose will avoid confusion. Hayter (2006) highlights enthusiasm, which creates a sense of importance. If the speaker is enthusiastic then listeners feel excitement towards the communicator. Knowing one’s audience is imperative to the tone of the communication. Sensitivity towards who one is speaking to will give the audience recognition (Hayter, 2006). Topics explained to relate to the audience generates active listening. Communicating to an audience requires knowledge as well (Hayter, 2006). The communicator must know the subject fully or they will sound unauthoritative on the topic (Hayter, 2006). Obviously, there would be no point in communicating at all if one did not understand the subject matter. My strength is leading by example, so I use communication effectively to bolster others’ communication skills. One basis of communication in the
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