Strengths And Strengths Of Building Relationships Essay

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Overview of Strengths The strengths that building relationships provides is connectedness, learning opportunities for both the ELL students and the teacher as well as other students, and instructional techniques to elicit extraordinary engagement. “It sounds so simple, but if we as teachers put more effort into who we are teaching, more of the what would take care of itself” (Freeman & Freeman, 2011). This quote really exhibits the strength of building relationships because once you know your students, planning lesson and activities begin to fall into place on its own. The outcome of building relationships is a strength that leads to achievement because students are connected to what they are learning. The idea of taking the time to arrange a home visit, is time that is certainly worthwhile. “Students who feel a sense of belonging in school and who find the work at school to be relevant to their lives are less likely to experience failure, lose hope, and drop out of school”(Jones, Fauske, & Carr, 2011). That alone is an exceptional strength. If ELLs can relate to literature and genuinely want to continue to learn, there is no better goal or strength. Additional strengths include increased student involvement, and interest. Furthermore, teachers benefit from this strategy because they begin to understand how student’s linguistic and cultural influences affect how students learn and communicate. This allows teachers to prepare lessons thoroughly leading to another strength
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