Strengths And Strengths Of Chipotle

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Strengths Strength 1: Largest Restaurant Chain in Market Segment, with highest share Chipotle has the largest share of the fast casual marketing segment in the Unites States. Chipotle has over 1,400 locations and plans to open an additional 140 locations this year. By holding the largest share of the market, Chipotle is able to trial, expand, and experiment with new ideas in certain geographic locations. Chipotle is able to trial new menu items and not have it affect the bottom line, and in addition, they are able to gather an incredible amount of information regarding customer data. This data will allow Chipotle to understand the different demographics of its customers in the trial locations. With its 1,400 locations in many locations provides Chipotle with the strength to trial new ideas. Strength 2: Quality of Meats, Vegetables, and ingredients “Food with Integrity” Customers in today’s entire restaurant segments want to know not only the nutritional values of their food, but also how it was raised. Chipotle uses only free range animals for their meats and organic farms for their vegetables. This differentiates them from other restaurants that have special meals (at a higher price) that call out “prime” or “certified”. This differentiation allows Chipotle to maintain a simple menu of high quality meats and vegetables while using fine ingredients for customers that desire quality food in a timely manner. Customers who desire, want, or need high quality food have all of
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