Strengths And Strengths Of Leadership

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Strengths The Strengths Based Leadership assessment identified five strengths that describes my leadership skills: responsibility, relator, woo, communication, and futuristic. The dictionary defines responsibility as being answerable for all things within one’s control. To contain the strength of being responsible, one must deliver on all commitments, be trustworthy and dependable, as well as diligently attempt to complete tasks correctly the first time. Relator is defined as a person who understands the connections between people and their situations, as well as someone who tells a story. Gallup (2016) defines a relator to be someone who is intrigued by meeting and learning about other individuals, which could turn into a friendship or…show more content…
I take responsibility for the work that has been assigned to me, or the work that I have assigned to myself. It is my responsibility to be a person who can help others achieve greatness. I gave birth to two children during my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, however it was my responsibility to graduate with honors and to continue with my pursuit of a MSW. Although, earning a bachelors’ degree was extremely tough for me, I was able to prevail. I commit to things and to people—especially my clients—and I try to figure out creative ways to fulfill my tasks, and it truly makes me happy to be able to be dependable and trustworthy. Using professional obligations for developmental purposes, seem to be beneficial for professionals and their organizations, because in this instance the employees work more diligently (Hernez-Broome, Gina, Hughes, & Richard, 2014). Through my field placement and place of employment, I deal with many individuals who self-loath, or feel helpless and want to end their lives. I am always eager to hear about their current or past ambitions, goals, life struggles and etc. I like to listen to others and try to help them understand why they feel the way that they do, and try to help them figure out different coping mechanisms or what they can do in order to have a different perspective on life. I cannot put into words the enjoyment that I get from helping other brainstorm and listening to them talk about themselves, because it
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