Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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‘When people are determined they can overcome anything’. This essay aims to critically review my strengths and weakness in relation to my personal development over my second year at university. The main points of focus will be selling myself to an employer, gaining work experience, applying to vacation schemes, and adapting my CV. When I was first introduced to the Research and Professional Development (RPD) unit I was somewhat disinterested and thought that my core law units were of more importance. However, I have come to understand that a degree is just the foundation to a career in law and this is the time to act for my future self. Before studying RPD, I was not aware of how early I had to start the process of career planning. RPD…show more content…
I can now confidently speak about myself, and articulate my qualities and skills to an employer. This is not something that happened overnight it took time to evaluate myself and become comfortable talking about myself. I used the questionnaire in the seminar handbook to help me identify my key strengths. These included communication skills, confidence and commitment. I reflected on how these would be of value to employers and used practical examples of me demonstrating them. Linking my strengths to my experience was a good way to structure my ‘brand me’ however I lacked the experience to demonstrate those attributes which I will discuss later in this essay. Developing ‘brand me’ could not have prepared me any better for the CLE assessment centre and has proven to be successful since, I was offered my first choice for CLE. Secondly, I had to gain legal-work experience. I wanted to obtain some work experience as I felt that I did not have good examples to demonstrate the skills that I possess especially when conducting the ‘brand me’ presentation. However, my tutor made it clear that even my part-time job working in retail for three years provided me with lots of transferable skills. This included communication skills, teamwork and commitment all skills sought after by employers. These I consider to be some of my strongest attributes . Although, I realised the value of this experience I was still

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