Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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This allows people to understand and know what I am doing. If they need to do something, I can simply point them at the KB article and they have step by step instructions. This makes delegation much easier, and people are more likely to complete a task when they have detailed instructions. Recently, I delegated a task to our customer support team. I was able to provide them with screen shots and step by step guides on how to accomplish this. The team was able to take it over without delay or issues. Information sharing is covered in category 6, Think win-win. I scored a 16. I want others to be successful, and feel that sharing knowledge is a key to being successful.
Communication is another important characteristic of participative
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This weakness would be most prevalent when facilitating collaboration among teams. If team members have not previously worked with me, they would not be open to sharing ideas. This could hurt the entire group, and give a slow start to the overall decision making process. This is confirmed in the seven habits profile category 9, sharpen the saw.
Secondly, task focus is a weakness I display. I get so absorbed in completing tasks, and I tend to forget about the personal aspect. I do not handle small talk well. Instead of building a relationship with people, I just handle the tasks efficiently and move to the next task. The profile shows this in category 9 and 5. I am not close with my immediate co-workers. They will chat about their weekend plans or what their wives are doing. Usually, I am playing music with headphones on, and focused on getting the work done. Normally, I only engage people when I need something or they need something. Again, this hurts a team when people are not personally or emotional engaged. A leader that only communicates when something is needed could make members feel used and unimportant.
Finally, work/life balance is an area of weakness. Similar to above, I let work outweigh important personal events. If I am working on a project, I will neglect spending time with family. It could be a small cookout or a major get together. I chose to complete work tasks before I spend personal time with others. I

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