Strengths And Weaknesses

Decent Essays
Good writing is when the reader can understand what you are saying along with what you feel. I also feel like good writing should be when you can feel moved or motivated by the writing. For example if it is a research paper about the NBA, some people, my dad including, always says the NBA is staged, and I would work to move them to maybe not completely change their idea, but to give them doubts about their stance. I another thing good writing should have is detail.
Detail is what I lack in writing, I was have shorter writing because I don’t know enough about fully expanding on thoughts I was seem to be broad about it. I also seem to get repetitive, like severely repetitive, and yes, I see that I start everything with I and I would like to improve that. Another huge weakness for me is the difference between colons, commas, and semicolons, when I should use them. I have found I PDF I plan to use, along with your help to help me improve on this weakness. I am good at the other hand on doing what you expect out of us and making sure I get every requirement. I also look at myself to be a good writer because it does not take me too long to write stuff, I just need to improve my grammar, word choice, and most of all COMMAS.
I would like to get better at my strengths and make my weaknesses more than strengths, make them my expertise. I need to take this class because I need to be a more official writer and to have less mistakes in my writing. I need to take this for Comp 1. I need
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