Strengths And Weaknesses

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After I completed self-tests online, I discovered that my management strengths and weaknesses that need to be developed for future management lays between the following four managerial skills, ‘leadership, teamwork, self-management and professionalism’, (Hedman,2016). I believe my strength in management is the teamwork and weaknesses are leadership, self-management and Professionalism.
Having already worked in more teamwork needed environment previously like McDonalds and Hungry Jacks, where each employee is allocated to diverse jobs such as the register or drive-thru and team members helping other staffs when they are having trouble in a situation to please each customer. I therefore believe that my teamwork has improved as the result of working there at an early young age because it didn’t take me long to become a team supervisor when I joined Coles afterwards. After I joined Coles I was able to contribute my own thoughts successfully with others, ‘taking a share of the duty, being self-confident rather than passive or aggressive, and of course more importantly working confidently within a group’, (Al-Rawi, 2008). Teamwork is very important in the current workplace as “teamwork have existed for many years and have been celebrated throughout many countries and cultures”, (Essien,2002). Therefore, corporations are much more likely to perform well when its employees work effectively as a team, this is because teamwork generates collaboration where the collective effect of the
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