Strengths And Weaknesses In China

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Cultural Strengths
The main cultural strength for the Chinese culture with regards to education is the community’s Confucian beliefs, values, and practices. Due to these values, the Chinese community holds education in high regards. It is perceived as one of the most important factors in life. The Chinese believe that having a good education is not only essential, but that it will also increases the chances of success in one’s life (Chen, & Uttal, 1988). Through education, the people believe that they attain academic knowledge, career and life success, and professional knowledge which are crucial in changing the family’s social status. The parent’s take it as their primary responsibility to facilitate the learning of their children irrespective of whether it is academic or non-academic.
The second thing is both the parents’ and children’s expectations. The parents place great expectations on their children’s academic performance. In various research studies, it has been stated that these high expectations largely influence the academic achievements of the children. The parents expect that their immigrant children will be able to attain university qualification and high academic achievements (Chen, & Uttal, 1988). On the other hand, the children work hard so as to meet their personal expectations and those of their family members on them. The parents gladly and largely invest in good education for their children. They are willing to pay the tuition fee and also after-school

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