Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Good Teacher

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Teachers come in all different shapes and sizes. The way someone shows up in the classroom, as a teacher, is associated with how they show up in their ordinary, everyday life.
Which is to say, there are as many different teachers as there are different personalities in the world. Many factors contribute to an effective teacher, including the teaching approach, classroom presence, and capability for creativity.
What Is a Good Teacher?
Everyone may have their own idea of what a good teacher is, but I think a good teacher is someone who is passionate about helping others learn. I think a teacher is someone who is not only knowledgeable, but also has a strong desire to profess his/her knowledge of a subject to others. Some might even say
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Another weakness of mine as a teacher is that sometimes it is difficult for me to monitor the students during class. For example, if a student is doodling during the lesson, I am not very skilled in redirecting the student’s attention to the lesson. With this weakness, as with my other weaknesses, I feel that it will improve over time. In other words, as I gain more experience in the classroom, I expect to improve on my weaknesses.
Teaching Approaches
A teaching approach considers what it takes to teach and learn a language.2 When it comes to teaching approaches, I think they may vary depending on both the lesson and the students’ needs. Overall, however, I think I prefer to use the Affective Humanistic Approach. This approach is based on the principles of respect, communication, interaction, peer support, and a comfortable atmosphere.3 I like this approach because I personally think the learning environment dictates a great of how well the students will do in the classroom. I also think peer support will aid in classroom unity, which may help the students to feel more comfortable with questions and performance. Another approach I like to use is the Cognitive Approach. The Cognitive Approach uses the idea that language is a series of rules best processed through an inductive method.3 I like to use this approach, depending on the level of the students, because I find that it challenges the students but
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