Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Teacher 's Job

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A bud can not bloom into a nourished flower without the proper patience and care. It must receive water and obtain direct sunlight in order to flourish. Similarly, a school must utilize patience and care to properly aid students to develop into nourished flowers. One of the ways a school nourishes their flowers is having expectations for students, as too much lee-way could lead to chaos. In addition to patience, care, and expectations, the mechanism in which teachers teach makes an impeccable difference in the classroom. Teachers have a choice of how to teach their students in order to have the material absorbed into their brains like a sponge. A teacher’s job has many complications due to the fact that every student has their strengths and weaknesses. Exploiting those weaknesses and relishing in those strengths should remain how a classroom works. To build a superior school, almost every student must feel as if they are learning something new each and every day. Project-based learning has the potential to take a student’s strengths and weaknesses and put them to good use. To build a greater school, the incorporation of project-based learning proves to have many assets due to the benefits that influence students inside and outside of school. If schools become conscious of the useful information given on the topic, project-based learning will benefit students and educators in numerous different aspects, establishing a greater and more improved school overall. Project-based
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