Strengths And Weaknesses Of Amy Leach 's Things That Are I

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If I were to write an essay on a present theme in Amy Leach’s Things That Are I would write about strengths and weaknesses, and how they show our uniqueness and identity. The reason I would choose this theme is because everything has its own strong points and downfalls. Not one thing in this world is perfect and Ms. Leach does a good job showing both the pros and cons of the individual beings she writes about. Also I think that our strengths and weaknesses can lead to one another. Sometimes our strengths can become our limitations, and sometimes it’s the other way around.
With this in mind, I found that in the first third of the collection of essays there are a few examples that portray strengths and limitations. In the essay Talent Ms. Leach describes four animals, the penguins, ostriches, frogs, and the takahe. Each has its own specific strength yet also has drawbacks. The penguin cannot fly, but is a beautiful and striking swimmer, nor can the ostrich fly, but she can outrun the fastest lions, the frog is small and vulnerable but can fly tree to tree to avoid predators on the ground. The takahe cannot swim, nor run, nor fly. But she still possesses her wings to protect her true talent: her big red beak. Not all talents are as glorious as others, but some talents can have the best benefit. Some old talents may come into use in the future as well, so I chose the quote “If you decide to stop flying, it is wise to hang on to your wings, for you may need them one day when one…
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