Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Ibt Swot Examples

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Identified Strengths: My Autism classroom practicum (DSW) provided many opportunities to learn and grow. My commitment, patience, and genuine concern, yielded trust and co-operation from students, resulting in student’s improved outcomes. As my confidence grew, my ability to implement behavioural interventions improved, and I was better able to assist students to work to their fullest potential. Dealing one day with a challenging student, the teacher requested I oversee the other students. I had now the confidence, flexibility, and knowledge to take over this independent role. My ability to be independent, as well as a team player, and other attributes I learned here will translate well to the ABA field where these are essential Working in a camp situation with Autistic children with dual diagnosis has given me insight as to what parents go through on a daily basis. You’re required to look after all the camper’s needs, physically, mentally and emotionally, with very few breaks. You support the child in not just their daily living activities, but in implementing any behavioural plan, and at the same time you want this time to be memorable for them. This experience taught me empathy for the parents, ability to work and communicate with a team, and implementation of plans, all necessary qualities required as a therapist. It is exciting to watch the improvements of the child I work with in a daycare situation. Under his plan provided by his team I have worked on
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