Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Interview

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When you are facing an interview, no matter what position or company you have applied for, the hiring manager will definitely throw a question that demands a candidate to talk about his strong and weak points. While some recruiters might straightforwardly put this question, others might twist and frame it in confusing phrases or make you imagine a hypothetical situation. Although preparing answers in advance can help you answer this tricky question well, merely parroting them won't earn you the brownie points or tell the interviewer who you really are.

The strength-weakness pair question is an opportunity to convey why you are an apt candidate for the position. While answering questions that point out your flaws in the middle of an interview might seem awkward, this is a common practice followed by the hiring managers to understand what qualities a candidate possesses that will aid him/her to succeed in the job and judge whether the person is capable of overcoming obstacles.

How to answer 'What is your greatest weakness?'
Every person has some imperfections that usually one dreads to admit especially in an interview when the ultimate aim is to cast an impression on the hiring manager. Even though the recruiter is not expecting a hundred percent honest answer, this section of an interview is intentionally designed
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You might be tempted to make a note of all strengths, but it is necessary to know till what limit you should toot your horn. Jot down your best attributes by listing the various skills in different categories like personality characteristics, transferable skills and knowledgeable skills. Even if you are aiming to show off, mention only those skills that are relevant to the position. For instance, if you have applied for a management role, stating that you managed a class of 50 toddlers back in school would seem too immature and
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