Strengths And Weaknesses Of Assessment In Education

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Introduction: The essay explores about Assessment and its types , its uses in the field of education. How assessments works how it can be helpful for students and teachers. How the forms of assessments fit its purposes. Educational assessment is the process in which collecting of data from different sources occurs in order to improve students learning and also to improve the teaching skills of teachers. This gathered data is then analyzed and is used to understand about the level of students knowledge whether the students have achieved the level that was intended to achieve. ''Educational assessment is a complex process involving gathering and analyzing data to support decision-making about students and the evaluation of academic programs…show more content…
This report will show to which extent the student have reached to the intended goal''. (Gardner J. 2012) Strengths and weaknesses of formative and summative assessments Formative Assessment : Strengths: No grading in formative assessment so it carries away the anxiety from students. Teachers can check if students can understand the instructions so she can step forward but if they are not she can take step back for the benefit of students learning. Teachers can give instructions in order to make task or activity easy for students so the students can understand them well enough. Formative assessment can serve as a practice for students. In formative assessments the data can be used to help students to better understand curriculum. Very easy to implement. Teachers can evaluate them selves with formative assessment.[2] Weaknesses: Students may not take it as seriously as summative assessment. It can be a time taking process. Students need different kinds of formative assessment at different stages in their learning.[2] [2]: Summative
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