Strengths And Weaknesses Of Central Bank

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What strengths and what shortcomings do you see in the approach that Central Bank is taking to fill this position? Justify your answer.

• Strength 1: Various recruitment sources
Central Bank (“CB” in the following text) is selecting candidates from both internal and external sources. The first candidate has worked for CB since 1998. Including her in the final list could show CB’s concern for employees’ career development. The second candidate is selected from internal referrals. A CB’s senior vice-president referred Scott Warren. They were colleagues at Regional Bank, so Warren’s performance at CB is more predictable. The last candidate is recommended by a headhunter, which enables CB to get access to a broader labor force market. By enlarging the labor pool, more options are available for CB. At the same time, CB proved its protection of human rights. There is a woman among the 3 final candidates, which disproved the “glass-ceiling” term troubling most women in the society (The Economist, 2015). Hence it once again confirmed its mission to let everyone achieve their best.

• Strength 2: Early investigation on Smith’s previous performance
CB’s Executive Resources had a conversation with Martin Smith’s former supervisor beforehand to learn about the real story behind Smith’s dismissal, which pave a way for more successful hiring afterwards. From Smith’s former supervisor, they learned how to avoid a similar successive VP who cannot meet position’s requirement in the same way as what Smith has done before. They summarized aspects on which improvements are needed. So during the interview section, they designed questions like asking the toughest call the candidates have ever made regarding to Smith’s lack of ability to handle tough calls.

Not only Executive Resources wisely decided to have a conversation with someone to acquaint themselves with Smith’s past performance, but they also made a nice choice of the person to talk to. Smith’s colleague may not be a good idea, since that they might be reluctant to comment on a dismissed VP. Neither are Smith’s employees, on the ground that Smith’s need to be liked even hindered critical changes. By interviewing his former supervisor, Executive Resources can get a
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