Strengths And Weaknesses Of Communication, Teamwork, And Social Intelligence

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I have some weaknesses and strengths in regards to communication, teamwork, and social intelligence. I am weak at;
• Supporting others with their needs
• Active listening
• Being sympathetic towards others situations
• Not interrupting others
Some of my strengths are;
• I can analyze and understand other people’s emotions very easily
• I have a high social and emotional intelligence
• I can control my actions to the point of being great at poker
• I can communicate easily through the written language
• I can put my thoughts in a logical sequence when writing
• I’m very natural at leading people and drawing out peoples opinions
• I’m good at public speaking and enjoy drawing peoples into what I’m talking about.
My plan of action in order to work on my weaknesses is first and foremost practice my active listening. I am very easily distracted (literally ADD), so for me listening is a very hard task to do especially if I’m not that interested in what the other person has to say. I need to practice active listening more. I believe my biggest weakness for active listening is I always try to put my two cents in. Sometimes people just want to be heard. I’m very opinionated so it’s hard for me to understand that people don’t want my opinion. My next big weakness for active listening is not paying attention or discarding what people have to say. In a group work environment not paying attention to what others say is one of the worst things that you can do. I think that even
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