Strengths And Weaknesses Of Csc Corporation

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5. COMPETITIVE PROFILE MATRIX (CPM) • A powerful strategic analysis tool to compare the ‘Strengths and Weaknesses’ of all the major players in a particular industry. It shows a clear picture of the competitiveness of a firm relative to its competitors. The CPM score is measured on the basis of ‘Critical Success Factors; CSF’, each factor is then evaluated in the same scale for accurate comparison which means the weightage will remain the same for all the players, only the rating varies. The outcome of CPM facilitates a firm’s decision-making process. Companies can then decide which strategies they should pursue to strengthen and protect their businesses. i. Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses (SW) of the Big 3 Telcos. • This analysis can…show more content…
Value-for-money plans on both postpaid and prepaid lines. 1.Value-for-money plans could also compromise network qualities as well as users’ experience 2. Competitively price products 2. Being Gov’t-related, complacency easily sets in 3. Established and strong brand name 3. Not up to the mark customer services 4. Ready market in Govt agencies/ GLCs 4. Inward looking culture rather than customer focus 5. Widest coverage areas 5. Network that is not on par with competitors 6. Relatively cheap costs on telecom infra provided by sister company edotco. 6. Lack on investments on customer experience 7. Strong management team led by…show more content…
Increasing operational efficiency (help to widen returns) 1. Products are relatively not cheap 2. Leading market position (help to implement new strategies) 2. Products are relatively not best value-for-money 3. Strategic alliances and partnerships within and outside of Usaha Tegas Group (help to capture new markets) 3. Restricted market share due to limited presence in countries outside Malaysia 4. Strong in-house strategies (help to have consistent growth) 4. Deals and offers are limited to certain time and areas only 5. Financial stability with RM2.6 billion net cashflow in 2016 (The WSJ, Feb 2017) 5. Call interruptions at certain areas 6. Strong brand image to easily gain trust and acceptance from the public (despite social media backlash in early 2016) 6. Too dependent on loyal and high-paying customers 7. An innovative culture 7. Restricted coverage area especially in rural Malaysia 8. Strong management team led by Lundal, a tried and tested CEO 8. Growing enterprise business may entail more Capex but Maxis can only selectively grow the segment 9. Customer loyalty 9. Focus is inclined towards postpaid at the expense of prepaid

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