Strengths And Weaknesses Of Delta Airlines

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Delta Airlines In 1924, what is know as Delta Airlines today, began as an agricultural crop-dusting flying company called The Huff Daland Duster (1). At this point in time the company had eighteen planes. Today they have over 850 aircrafts in service (2). They carry approximately 180 million passengers each year (3). With over 5,400 flights per day, Delta provides quick and safe transport for both their passengers and cargo all over the world. While traveling, customers can choose from a variety of different experiences such as First Class, Main Cabin and Basic Economy. Delta’s prices very depending on prices of fuel, distance traveled, the time of year, class choice and other amenities offered. Prices can be fluctuated with discounts and…show more content…
Although there are a lot of strengths in the aviation industry they also have many challenges and weaknesses such as high aircraft expenses and maintenance, difficulty with aircraft changes and scheduling, global economic downturns, price of fuel and other resources rising, plague or terrorist attacks and government intervention…show more content…
Business Insider ranked Delta the second best airline in the United States (11). They have many major hubs and routs in Northern America as well as other global flights. With the second biggest air craft fleet they have up to 5,000 flights everyday(13). Delta has a strong brand that is well known and draws customers to them. They offer excellent flight and customer service making their airline more desirable to travel through. Thy have built a loyal customer base by offering different reward programs and flights at a low

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