Strengths And Weaknesses Of Democracy In Mexico

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Democracy is an essential factor in governance. If we govern democratically, we are likely to get more gains in the society since everyone feels that they get fair treatment. Democracy, however, has its weaknesses since it is not a perfect process. In this section, we are going to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of democracy in Mexico.
Strengths of democracy
Democracies allow people to select those that are governing them. After Salinas’s leadership we see a challenge of succession as he declares that he is not going to run for office. It also allows for nations to create specific standards that a person must meet before they take leadership roles. The political rule in Mexico was once renowned as the perfect dictatorship. The government was characterized by regular elections, uninterrupted ruling by the same political party and widespread legitimacy. There was no freedom or fairness with regards to political activism. Participation in politics was only encouraged when it offered support to the ruling party, and there was repression when the objective of political participation was initiating change. But with democracy in Mexico, there were changes in the way of ruling. The reforms encouraged the opposition party to challenge the ruling party, and there were a lot of opportunities for Mexicans to engage in political activism. A combination of
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With the freedom of expression, a ground of Indian rebelled denounce the trade pacts that the government has signed. In condemning the agreement, the violate democracy by summoning the people to overthrow the government .the uprising to both the Mexicans and foreigners. When people believe that they cannot obtain justices, they can opt for rebellion, and if the rebels are following the correct legal procedure, they have the freedom to rebel. The uprising in Mexico, however, took advantage of the freedom that they have, and they opted for armed
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