Strengths And Weaknesses Of Fact School

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This is a number & operation lesson for Kindergarten- 2nd grade. This lesson might be used in conjunction with lessons involving fact families. The goal of the lesson is to help the students gain an understanding of fact families. The students will start with one number, 7, and find the different addition and subtraction fact families for each number. After the students have used the counters/cubes/buttons and the red strip and found the different facts of the first number, the students will count out 8 counters/cubes/buttons and find the next numbers in the fact families.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

The activities in this lesson promote a deep understanding of fact families and the different properties of fact families involving addition and subtraction. A strength of this lesson, with it being the beginning of learning and using fact families, is the fact that the students are using manipulatives to visualize and see the similarities in fact families. The students are also recording their information and facts down as they manipulate the counters/cubes/buttons. This allows the students to visualize the fact families in all of the possible ways, while still getting the practice of writing out the information, since they will not always have the materials as supports. Students use of manipulatives and writing in conjunction allows the students to have maximum practice in learning number combinations. The questions that are related to this lesson will help the students

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