Strengths And Weaknesses Of Great Germany

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Germany is one of the top nations in the world in terms of GDP as well the manufacturing and export of luxury products. It has also had an overall budget surplus for the past three years. However, despite its economic strength and stability, Germany is experiencing a large influx of immigrants and thus a higher risk for acts of terrorism. These recent events have also caused a degree of political instability. Some additional weaknesses to consider include Germany’s aging population and its dependence on exports, which makes it vulnerable to a slowdown in demand internationally. All things considered, the overall trend of economic growth in Germany makes it a fairly stable and reliable country for international investment.
France has
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Also, 75% of its energy needs are fueled by hydrocarbon production, and it has many sectors (i.e. automobiles and aerospace) that are very advanced. Another strength is that corporations pay lower taxes than the average country. One big weakness of Great Britain’s is that there is still much uncertainty as to how its decision to leave the European Union in 2016 will affect its economy in the long-term. Its economy relies quite a bit on financial services, and its public debt level is relatively high. While Great Britain has a very low-risk business climate, its total country risk is higher than other European countries due to unstable political and economic environments (much of this instability is due to Brexit).
Belgium has many strengths, both economic and political. It is influenced greatly by the larger economies around it, such as France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. It also receives lots of trade through the large port cities Antwerp and Zeebrugge, and it has a workforce with strong vocational training. Some weaknesses are that it relies very heavily upon exports, which make up about 82% of its Gdp; it also has a high unemployment rate and there is a lot of public debt in general. Overall, Belgium is a country with a stable and low-risk business

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