Strengths And Weaknesses Of Handicraft Education

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1- Access to Internet= 0.75. 2- Physical environment= 0.6. 3- Skilled teachers= 0.5. So, each handicraft's strengths should be fulfilled the mission with a maximum speed and use them as a competitive advantage against competitors.
4. Weaknesses
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses help to the organization to use of the strengths and minimize weaknesses and goals are more effective and prevent waste of resources (Kalin, 2005). Weakness in faculty of art & crafts is an internal function that disturbs the faculty‟s activities it damages in achieving its goals. The agency is required to minimize these factors as possible as and or to exploit them in order to achieve its goals. Weakness of handicraft is a lack or constraints of skills and abilities‟ resources, and abilities that can be effectively separated from the function of handicraft education.Three main weaknesses in faculty of art & crafts are:
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2- Old staffing=0.45. 3- Fading staff=0.4. So, weaknesses are factors that have every handicraft which exists and it cannot avoid them, but they must be control by correct understanding.
3.2 Characteristics of the SWOT Model
One of the important tools of SWOT in handicraft education is a strategic management model, to be used the external and internal analysis process and the appropriate environmental conditions and internal strategies. The common application of this model in faculty of art & crafts is essentially related to the strategic planning of production and services, this model provides a possibility to analyze different levels of the cross handicraft. These features include:
1. Exhaustively: SWOT considered external and internal factors and compare them with strategies to help people with it, has a comprehensive, the other strategic management tools are lacking.
2. Flexibility: SWOT is used in the manufacturing companies, service companies, nonprofit organizations and government, and a macro analysis of issues and topics the
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