Strengths And Weaknesses Of Humana Leadership

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Internal Weakness and Strengths
Leadership involves influence; it occurs among people; those people intentionally desire significant changes; and the changes reflect purposes shared by leaders and followers. In examining the Humana organization, superiors influence subordinates, but subordinates also influence superiors. An important aspect of leadership is influencing others to come together around a common vision (Draft R., 2015). Health services have a various range of areas ranging from health care facilities to nursing or acute care centers. Humana’s leaders are as different as the market they serve. Thus, Humana’s leadership involves the influence of people to bring about changes toward a desirable future.
Traits, Skills Behavior and Effectiveness
Leaders are made up by traits, skills behavior and effectiveness, which are determined by distinguishing personal characteristics of a leader, such as intelligence, honesty, self-confidence, and appearance. However, the value of a particular trait or set or traits, skill behavior and effectiveness vary with the organization’s situation (Draft, 2015). For example, our executive leaders of Humana have their own unique style.
Under the leadership of Bruce Broussard, President and CEO since 2011, Humana have developed and integrated health model system that has continued to lower the cost of healthcare and enhanced quality along with improving member experience. Broussard’s specializations in his work history clearly steered Humana to inviting him to come aboard. He brought Humana an extensive variety of executive leadership experience such as publicly traded and private companies within an assortment of healthcare sectors, including oncology, pharmaceuticals, assisted living/senior housing, home care, physician practice management, surgical centers, and dental networks. However, in addition to Broussard meeting the corporate objectives, he also has executives who are experts in each of their fields. Each executive officer reports to him and each are incremental in setting strategic plans to carry out Human’s objectives. His ability to navigate and influence people credited his success as a leader at Humana. Also, while at a previous position at U.S.
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