Strengths And Weaknesses Of Mauritian Tourism

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Executive Summary
Tourism is one of the most exciting and progressive industries in the world. Tourism today is a leisure activity of the masses. People travel to international destinations to break the regular monotony of life. They are mainly attracted by either the scenic beauty of its nature or by fascinating leisure, sports and adventure activities offered by the destination. However, every destination has some internal strengths and weaknesses that either enhance its capacity to attract foreign visitors or diminish it. Similarly the external environment can create various opportunities or exposed to threats as well.
As stated by Francis Bacon, a sixteenth-century philosopher, “knowledge is power” it is vital for Government to be aware of the internal
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After scanning these factors, a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the Mauritian tourism industry can be established as follows:
Strengths of the Mauritian tourism industry
• Mauritius has a very good reputation as a tropical island destination with excellent beaches
• Mauritius has first class even world class hotels with all facilities
• Mauritius has a reputation as a safe destination. The law and order and legal system is good compared with other tourism destinations
• The Mauritian people are generally hospitable, friendly and welcome tourists
• Mauritius enjoys a good climate except for the occasional cyclone
• Good communication links with our main customers the National airline Air Mauritius has direct access with our main tourist markets eg Europe, South Africa, Reunion
• The national hotel groups are in a good financial situation
• A vibrant private sector interested in investing in the industry
• Mauritius has good training institutions for hotel and tourism industry
• Both the Government and the private sector encourage training
Weaknesses of the Mauritian tourism

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