Strengths And Weaknesses Of Mcdonald's

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Since 1940, McDonald’s has being serving fast food to 70 million people daily in over 100 countries across 35,000 outlets, making it the world largest hamburger fast food chain. This is one of its strengths as McDonald’s is widely recognized all around the world due to its famous golden arches logo. The iconic items that consumers can find in many parts of the world such as the famous Big Mac or the French fries show the consistency of standard of quality and taste around the world. McDonald’s second strength includes having food menu that are adopted to meet the local tastes of the country in which the restaurant is based. McDonald’s aims to adapt a new menu in every country that would reflect their different tastes and local cuisines. This fast food chain accepts and respects cultural differences and aims to keep developing menu items that are unique to specific countries. This allows McDonald’s to attract more customers as everybody has different…show more content…
In a survey done in January 2013, restaurant customers in the United States stated that when it comes to choosing a fast food restaurant to dine at, fifty eight percent of the customers choose good value as a factor followed by fifty seven percent for convenience, fifty three percent for low prices and finally fifty one percent for fast service. McDonald’s meets all those criterion: good value, convenience, low prices and fast service. McDonald’s strategic locations allow them to serve high traffic volumes. In order to achieve maximum success, McDonald’s is often in highly crowded areas such as downtown locations, airports and malls and these places fit McDonalds size and space requirements. Many branches have drive-thru that allow customers to purchase their food without leaving the comfort of their cars. This makes purchasing food must easier and is key to attracting more customers as the speediness of buying food is an alternative to home
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