Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Generation

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Strengths and Weaknesses of My Generation
The most common strength of students is technological literacy due to an increase in availability of technology such as laptops and smartphones as well as an increase in online assignments and/or typed assignments. The most common weaknesses of students include critical thinking, time-management, communication, and soft skills. Strategies to improve upon students’ weaknesses include reforming America’s education system by revoking the No Child Left Behind Act, decreasing the amount of exams and homework, allowing teachers more freedom in the classroom, and increasing the amount of collaborative and creative work for students.
The amount to which students enjoy going to school, learning, and participating in school is an important factor in the success of the students. The more students enjoy going to school, the more motivated they will be to learn and do school assignments. One of the biggest reasons that students procrastinate and fail to manage their time in a way that gets tasks done on time and non-strenuously is that they do not want to. In other words, they are not motivated to learn because for them, learning is not an enjoyable experience. For many American children, middle school is the turning point where learning and going to school stops being fun (Vicki 2010). Suddenly more exams, more homework, and more pressure to succeed, as well as maturing bodies with raging hormones overwhelm middle school students. For
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