Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Leadership Skills

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Introduction: The following paper will propose strengths and weaknesses in my leadership skills, by reviewing two assessment tools to detail the results. I will then present the survey results used in the appendix. Survey one: The first leadership activity titled leadership self-assessment activity, I scored eighty seven. A score of fifty or higher indicates a desire to become a leader and perceived ability to perform the tasks of a required leader (Clark. 2010, p. 3). This particular tool helped me determine the strong features in my leadership skills and the areas I could improve. I feel the survey suggested my strengths are the ability to participate in a team atmosphere and manage the department when I am charge nurse. I work in a recovery room and function as a leader with other members in the operating room including surgeons, nurses, anesthetists and auxiliary staff facilitates the progression of emergency and elective surgeries. I work diligently as a leader to improve the patient’s safety during their stay. It is important to use a team approach in all areas of the hospital, as with limited resources and a hospital moving towards a lean approach; it decreases the financial burden for hospitals, improves safety for the patient and helps utilize all members of the team. It is also important to encourage all staff to engage in decisions and care. Collaboration is a dynamic process by which persons with shared interests work together in partnership or in teams to

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