Strengths And Weaknesses Of Quick And Easy Kaizen

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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date of Submission: Lean Manufacturing 1. Strengths and weaknesses of Quick & Easy kaizen, suggestion programs, kaizen circle activity, and practical kaizen training (i) Strengths Quick & Easy kaizen is instrumental in lean manufacturing since it encourages workers’ empowerment and thus improving the productivity of each employee (Imai 4). It also encourages provision of incentives to workers as well as efficient management of labour relations. Therefore, the quality of customer service, cost allocation and implementation of safety procedures are enhanced significantly. Kaizen plays a significant role in decreasing the manufacturing waste while maintaining continuous supply of resources (Nordin et…show more content…
One of the method used to motivate is by substituting the outdated procedure of command and control with delegation and empowerment. This is done by introducing policies and strategies aimed at creating a favorable environment for all the employees to be participate in improvements. In addition, the traditional focus on results should not be overemphasized immediately during initial stages of kaizen implementation. Instead the employees should be allowed to concentrate first on the process improvement until it gains momentum. The management should also shun away from overloading employees with initiatives in the process of integrating the Kaizen in the organization culture. Organization should avoid frequent renaming of initiatives as this may be mistaken for new initiatives. Workers should also be given incentives based on the improvement in productivity. 3. Description of the organization’s strategic planning process Planning is a key pillar for a successful organization, and it involves organizing different activities in order to achieve a set goal. The organizational strategic planning process involves the following steps (Nordin et al. 374-377): (i) Identifying the scope of work This involves determining the extend and coverage of the activities to be done in the organization in order to achieve the target goals. (ii) Assessing a duration of
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