Strengths And Weaknesses Of Self Analysis

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HR-0896 Developing Self Question 3: Summarise the major strengths and weaknesses and comment on any patterns of behavior they have emerged from the self-analysis. Identify no more than three areas of personal development as a future manager that I can work on in the next year. Chen Yang 11/3/2015 622 words According to the outcome of critical incidents integrated with Belbin and The Dynamic Indicators test report. It was summarized that my major strengths are: take responsibility for the things I am doing, self-motivated, have clear mind to achieve the objectives, able to manage details and efficiently to make things through step by step as well as continual put effects until the jobs well done. In contrast, my key weakness…show more content…
The first step I would like to build up Self-Confidence: Self Confidence is the foundation of an effective manager. It is important, necessary and the most crucial element for sustaining relationship between manager and customer. At the end of the day, self-confidence also impact on the decisions making. For example, a confident manager will not afraid to commit with their employees and customers. It just as a personal power to influence others, managing upwards to achieve career goals, the staffs will believe a manager who has confidence, no one will like the superior deliver the company mission with lack of certainty, it can destroy the trust. It is same as the issue if a customer question of your product, they will not trust the product if the manager while lacking core conviction. Turn to myself, my perception is confidence comes from believing, behavior, self-awareness. I should believe in my ideas before taking actions, believes come from knowledge, I will read a various type of articles help me to think in a positive way and try to deliver it by a publish speaking. I will do more presentation and be willing to lead a project; I trust that they are will be very helpful in building my self-confidence. I will establish a personal schedule earlier to prevent poor performance, the more people trust in my behavior the more confidence I will build. Furthermore, I will not that fear with mistakes, it is important to admit it, then correct it and learn it when interact
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