Strengths And Weaknesses Of Social Work Practice And Educational Need

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Fourth, I am going to write about strengths and weaknesses in relation to social work practice and educational need. One of my strongest strengths as a social worker is patience. It helps me to persevere enthusiastically towards conquering goals and objectives when assisting my clients. Patience keeps alive the objective in mind to meet. Physical or psychological exhaustion only reaffirms the importance of patience. For that reason, it’s important to be patience with what we start out with the aim of clients’ benefit. An additional strength as a social worker is my people-skill. People-skill is demonstrated in a personal disposition characterized by spontaneous and tolerant proceed. Subsequently, the event follows by kindness and sympathy toward another person and good humor and ability to know how to listen empathically and sensitively. Last strength, I want to mention is my desire to serve and help. This skill implies sensitivity to the needs of others, their problems, interests, joys, sufferings, hopes and illusions; I am able to accept even the deepest and painfully human problems, misfortune, and loneliness. I try to deliver to the task and above with the people whom I work. I try to provide a warm welcome to everyone, so there is no opening of misinterpretation of discrimination. Like every human being, the same way I have strengths; Also, I have weaknesses. The weakness I need improvement is my interviewing skills. My interviewing skill is one of the reasons I
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