Strengths And Weaknesses Of Strategic Initiatives

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Strategically Organizing Professionalism By taking into consideration a variety of course materials and additional research, some significantly valuable insights were obtaining and helped to facilitate the creation of a deeper and more profound conceptual framework to enhance future leadership skills and capabilities. Research suggests 99.999 % of individuals are capable of leading other people (Kouzes & Posner, 2016). While some individuals feel conventional leadership accomplishes goals and objectives through people, recent studies demonstrate genuine leadership is actually a form of developing others through the work itself (Orr & Orr, 2013). The fact remaining is that everyone within every an organization has identifiable and coachable strengths and weaknesses. By harnessing, embracing, or otherwise capitalizing on both tangible and intangible resources, leaders become more empowered to facilitate organizational growth. The following brief identifies some current strengths and weaknesses while outlining strategic initiatives designed to mitigate threats and exploit competencies. The paper collectively serves as a conceptual road map, strategically organizing professional endeavors. Leadership Heightening implementable leadership skills and capabilities entails creating innovative organizational cultures designed to reward and reinforce individual development and performance. Many effective leaders understand how to utilize innate qualities to envision the
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