Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tesla 's Marketing Mix

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Figure 4 illustrate the ‘Four P’s’ of TESLA’s marketing mix (Elliott 2014, pp. 24-28) with respect to its internal strengths and weaknesses as well as to its external opportunities and threats (see Figure 2) complemented with key factors of the retail mix (Miller 2008, p.39). Miller (2008, p. 39) also mentioned the critical characteristics of product and price within the retail mix. It means in effect, that TESLA’s product design and pricing needs to be supported by professional and competent customer service as well as a strong and suitable store design, promotion and merchandise strategy. Furthermore, the marketing and retail strategy is striving to highlight TESLA’s core competence, its battery pack (SCA) to heavily differentiate TESLA…show more content…
TESLA is currently in the introduction phase caused by the new entry in the Australian market and less adoption by customers. Pushing factors for electric vehicles can be social responsibility. The idea is developing and improving technologies to reduce exhaust gases and harmful emissions. Figure 5: Product Life Cycle 4.1. Introduction Phase In this stage, there is not a great deal of awareness – TESLA has just released its products to the Australian market. TESLA focus on raising awareness on differentiation and introducing the benefits of electric vehicles. For that reason TESLA need expand its marketing expenditures with respect to promotion and presentation. This stage typically distinguished by low profits. Creating brand awareness and early brand loyalty are the main efforts in this phase while introducing a new product or service. Marketing strategies will not really be changed though this stage. 4.2. Growth Phase In this stage TESLA pursue to increase sales growing out of its marketing and retail strategies. If TESLA did a profitable performance in attracting consumers to switch their preferences when making a purchasing decision, TESLA needs to further develop and improve additional after-sales guarantees, personalised service offers and support service to intensify customer satisfaction (Walker 2012, p. 99). Expenditures and

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