Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Canadian Communication Industry

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Strengths Rogers’s communication is the number one leading company in the Canadian communication industry. One of their major strengths is the quality of their service. Rogers spent millions to create a company that would be able to provide millions of people with high speed internet wherever they go in Canada. Rogers has helped individuals to stay in touch with their peers, family members and more. They have also destroyed many communication barriers with small and big businesses by providing them with the best and fastest service possible. Rogers has the most telecommunication towers in all of Canada ranging from major cities like Toronto to smaller cities like Branford. Rogers owns 35% of the national revenue in the telecommunication industry, proving that their services are used nationwide as they have over 9.5 million subscribers (Rogers 2016). Another one of Roger’s strengths is diversification. They are Canada’s largest wireless carrier, cable provider and provide their customers with many other services as well. They are the only communications company with national carrier on GSM, HSPA+ and LTE platforms (Cellmapper 2016). They have over 9.5 million subscribers for their wireless carrier and 83% smartphone penetration in the market and own over 50% of the network revenues (Cellmapper 2016). They also have a partnership with Spotify, which they are currently using to upsell their data plans and they provide every consumer with SHOMI, a perk
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