Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Classroom Management System

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Strengths/Weakness The most effective aspect of this classroom is the classroom management system. I have seen how effective Class Dojo is with elementary school students, but I did not think it would be effective with middle school students. To my dismay, in this middle school class it is highly effective. The students take it every personal when falcon dollars are withdrawn from their account. Likewise, the students take great pride when they received falcon dollars. These falcon accounts (Class Dojo accounts) are so effective that the students have created their own competition. The student with the lowest account balance has to buy the student with the highest account balance cookies at lunchtime, at the end of the month. Another strength of this classroom management system is the falcon store. The homework passes are a huge hit the students. In fact, these passes is the most preferred items in the falcon store, so much so that the teacher began implementing new conditions for the use of the homework passes. For instance, the homework passes have expiration dates. This implementation was put in place to prevent students from collecting the passes and using them all at once. The inclusion of the autistic student in the instructional process is one area for improvement. For instance outside of the small group/peer learning the student does not practice socially acceptable behavior. The student is not allowed to practice much needed social skills such as working
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