Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Cs Literature

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Introduction Character strengths (CS) are sometimes labelled as a variety of skills, such as social-emotional skills, 21 century skills, soft skills, non-cognitive skills and many other terms. The overarching theme of character strengths, are that they all point to a group of personal skills, attitudes, values, and mindsets. CS have been studied in a variety of disciplines such as educational psychology, behavioural psychology to neuropsychology and have become increasingly researched especially through the emerging area of positive psychology (PP). Seligman, M. E., Steen, T. A., Park, N., & Peterson, C. (2005) state PP is an overarching term for studying and supplement scientific knowledge regarding positive emotions, positive character…show more content…
Analysing previous research investigating CS, it was found that most studies have concentrated on life satisfaction as an indicator of SWB. Review of the literature identified one research study which explored the complex relationship between CS and the two different aspects of SWB and PWB (Hausler, Strecker, Huber, Brenner, Höge & Höfer, 2017). As there is limited research in this area, further research should therefore aim for a more detailed understanding of CS and the relationships with SWB and PWB using a variety of measures. Carlquist, Ulleberg, Delle Fave, Nafstad, & Blakar, (2017) have found that WB is rarely investigated. They sate that many studies are often focused on related concepts of WB. These being, happiness, good life, and satisfaction with life. These concepts are often harder to define and are analysed in many overlapping ways and are also used interchangeably for WB. Against this background, the aim of this novel study is to examine the different relationships between CS, WB and happiness. It will also aim to replicate the findings of Park, Peterson and Seligman (2004), by hypothesizing that in this study the CS of love, zest, gratitude, hope and curiosity will also be highly robust with WB and happiness using different measures. Character Strengths Prominent research in the area of PP by Park, Peterson, & Seligman (2004), define CS as
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