Strengths And Weaknesses Of The EU

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Single Market and Community only ♦ -from 1.01.1999, when the euro becomes currency of 11 of the 15 member states. 2. Strengths and weaknesses of the European Union. Firstly, it should be given the "price" of disunited and divided Europe. This estimate is in numbers impossible to establish, but an example can serve evaluation a committee under the leadership of MP Chekini4
That evaluates the potential economic benefits of a single market and currency at least
200 billion. Ekyu5
. Future benefits from free market, single currency and generally creation of the European Union are the following directions: - Savings resulting from the elimination of administrative barriers and customs controls at borders;
- Economies of the full opening of the
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The future of the EU, especially in the context of "Strategy 2020"
It seems more than optimistic. Advocates of sustainable, smart and inclusive growth. Policies and conservation reforming the Eurozone. To do all this and to reap the positive
Benefits, however, the Community is to maintain and develop the current form a decentralized network. Conclusion. "The open society is based on the idea that no one monopoly on the truth. It does not rule the state or any ideology and minorities and their opinions respected. According to these criteria European Community is extremely desirable form organization. Indeed, in some ways it is ideal because
It has a very important feature: each Member
States are in a minority. It is built on the basis of respect of minority. Outstanding issues include: exactly how much power should be delegated to the majority? And to what extent should be integrated Europe? ". 15 These words of the international investor and stock speculator
George Soros uttered two decades ago are more than indicative that it is moderate decentralization and delegation power, in terms of supranational institutions are the right path for the development of the European
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