Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary War was one of the most significant wars back in the late 1700s waged between Great Britain and the North American Colonies. The war began in 1775 as tensions grew between these two countries for almost a decade. Britain’s dominance triggered anger in the northern American colonies until Americans had enough of paying taxes and atrocious laws Britain was trying to enforce. Although Great Britain had a more sizeable fighting force, America had more reformed war fighting strategies resulting in the triumph of the Revolutionary War. There were many immense strengths and weaknesses both sides of these two counties had attributed; but, America had come out on top as a result of their resourceful leaders and the determination of…show more content…
The British would attack and utterly destroy farmers livestock, buildings, and land causing them to economically lose capitol. Not only did the British destroy the farmers resources; but, the war had cut off mainstreams that farmers would use to carry bulk cargo and supplies resulting in them losing even more revenue. It wasn’t long that the farmers decided to fight back and supply goods to the soldiers keeping them war ready at all times despite the lack of funding the American military had. Moreover, America had made allies during the war with the French and Spanish allowing them to expand their fighting forces. Spanish and French kings help fund the Americans during the war in order to acquire war material and also recruit foreign military officers with more war experience. In completion of this, America and its allies were able to take over forts controlled by the British army. Once America was able to take over these forts, the British were running out of places to fight and as a result diminished their forces. Finally, it is no doubt that America should not have one the Revolutionary War reflecting on how many troops that both of the forces had. With Great Britain having more capital and fighters than America did, there should have been no reason that they have lost that war. But with Americas superior leaders and their strategies it led to the success of the Revolutionary
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