Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Satellite Clinic

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Strengths. Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is the only healthcare facility located within Pocahontas County. Having no competition allows them to be the single provider for the community, which allows them flexibility when deciding the future of their facilities. With every service located within one location it allows for the expansion of a free standing satellite health clinic, located away from the main medical facility. This is a common practice with healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. As a small rural facility, government benefits can be utilized for projects that increase access to care. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is creating new requirements for facilities, such as increased technology and access to care (Harrington, 2010). These requirements have put a strain on smaller healthcare facilities, but there are grants and funding for rural facilities, such as Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. These funds can be used for the building and creation of the satellite health clinic until it is self-sufficient. Weaknesses. The biggest weaknesses for this satellite clinic is the rural status of the community and the lack of finances to support a new facility. The rural state of the community also creates issues with physician recruiting and retention. There are about 10% of the physicians located in a rural setting, while 90% are in the urbanized setting (NRHA, n.d). This statistic is working against being able to open a new facility because the…
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