Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Striker

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RB Leipzig have surprised millions worldwide with their imperious performances in the Bundesliga this season. Having only secured promotion to the German top flight this season, the Die Bullen have taken the footballing world by storm and currently sit in the 2nd spot, only 3 points behind League leaders Bayern Munich.
The side’s rise to the top of the League table has been fuelled by their enthralling, yet effective attacking performances (they are the 3rd highest goal scorers in the Bundesliga thus far) and one man in particular has been shining bright for the club, German attacker Timo Werner.
In this segment, we take a look at the style of play, strengths and weaknesses of the Striker, who is soon establishing himself as one of the brightest prospects in European
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His partnership with Poulsen has demonstrated his ability to link up excellently with his attacking colleagues and the fact that he is amongst the top 5 creators in the League for Leipzig goes on to add to his potential as a creative force.
Passing is often deemed to be striker’s worst attributes. Perhaps, it is the tight spaces that they operate in or the fact that they are often being fed passes rather than being the feeders that could cause it. However, Werner could be really awful with his passing and has a tendency to infuriate his teammates and fans with his wayward passing and below par crossing.
Another aspect of his game that needs improvement upon is his tendency to be wayward with his runs off the ball. He can prove detrimental to his side’s creative play by venturing way too far beyond defenders and give in to the offside trap set up by the opposition.
However, the player, who turns 21 soon, still has solid years of development ahead of him as a footballer and we are sure with passage of time and extended playing time, he will improve on these aspects of his
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