Strengths And Weaknesses Of Verizon

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Verizon the company, purchased Verizon Wireless in 2015 and merged the two companies so that they are now One Verizon. The Wireless part of the company was owned by Vodaphone and Verizon the Company had only the FiOs internet at home service, and landline phones. The merging of the two companies signified a unique strategy. It brought together the strengths of the wireless operations, its networks and vast number of customers to the wireline business which owns tremendous network infrastructure and has the large and small business clients. Immediately after the merger, senior level managers and human resources started to look at all of the organization as a whole to flatten it out. This move helped to remove the several layers of management…show more content…
Changes were only implemented if absolutely necessary and often the budget was always considered above actual innovation – a true, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it type of mentality. Verizon led in customer satisfaction and a great network, but they never led the market in transformational ways like T-mobile’s move to remove contracts for mobile plans and AT&T’s lucrative deal with Apple phones. They instead spent a lot of money in building a large network infrastructure that now they selling off because it is too costly to maintain as customers move to lower prices phone companies like Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile and…show more content…
The most effective team leader in the Verizon organization that I had the pleasure of meeting was an Executive Director in the IT Employee Experience Team. This individual made sure that the vision she had for the team was clearly expressed, and she made sure to develop a well thought out plan and road map for the next twelve months so that the teams really understand what their goals were for the year. Unique in this company, she never micromanaged her employees, but rather offered guidance when they needed it and trusted them to do their jobs.
I would describe her as a theory Y leader and not just due to my observations, but based on what her direct reports have shared with me. Theory Y leaders may be characterized as commitment and trust oriented, see people as being more interested in assuming responsibility and more willing and ready, in the right working environments, to give full effort, attention, creativity, and energy to helping achieve organizational goals (Weiss 2015). Her team was able to successfully launch several products to the business and she built very strong partnerships with the other business leaders. More importantly, she gained influence as a leader and many employees wanted to either work with her or get mentored by her. Her leadership style is one that I am trying to emulate as I continue to progress in breaking out of my
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