Strengths And Weaknesses Of Youth

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Programs should focus on strengths of youth instead of simply trying to keep them out of trouble (Steinberg, 2016, p. 195). The Adolescent Career Path program does exactly this as its goal is to help adolescents grow skills which will help them in their transition from youth to adulthood as well as making their lives easier during adolescence. Adolescents will take time with adults in the community working on their trade or in their line of business. They will learn new skills and areas where they are proficient. In addition, to working with adults to foster an interest in adult work, these adolescents will learn about multiple degrees offered in colleges and technical schools. This will allow opportunities for adolescents to become interested in fields before they are forced into adulthood. Moreover, it may peek some adolescents interest in school after high school especially if they never considered this option prior to this program. Considering the population this program is specifically targeting this could be the case for some of the students involved.
Steinberg (2016), states one of the marks of a positive youth program is that the program promotes, competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring/compassion (p. 195). Competence is when a person views their actions positively in certain areas such as; social, academic, vocational, and cognitive (Steinberg, 2016, p. 195). The Adolescent Career Path program will promote competence in many ways. The youth
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