Strengths And Weaknesses

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Evidently, most people adjudge the strengths and weaknesses of learning styles affect their teaching. As one learns they normally don’t take into consideration the style of learning intelligence they are using in their learning experiences. Most teachers are aware of the different learning styles and multiple intelligences that occur in the classroom with their students. Although teachers do have strengths, weaknesses, I believe it allows the teacher an opportunity to grow, and revamp their learning and teaching capabilities.

Gardner notes (1995) My concept of intelligences is an outgrowth of accumulating knowledge about the human brain and about human cultures, not the result of a priori definitions or of factor analyses of test
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Bringing to life the realia for them will be exciting. Interactions with animals, plants, maps, hiking. Taking breaks to incorporate objects found outside into creative collages, graphs, and stories to display the student's retention of what they have learned.

Gardner (1995) notes. Assessing multiple intelligences is not a high priority in every setting. But when it is necessary or advisable to assess an individual's intelligences, it is best to do so in a comfortable setting- with materials (and cultural roles) that are familiar to that individual.

Despite these strengths, I will have to learn to recognize my weaknesses too. Interpersonal, Linguistic, Visual learning. These will impact the way I teach, from writing to verbal communication and the way I interact with the students.

Even if you are dominant in one or two intelligences, it does not mean you will not learn if some information is presented in a different form. Most of the time we learn through all our senses.

(International TEFL Academy, Creating Student-Centered Classroom (Ch. 2 - P.17)

Nonetheless, by implementing my weaknesses, making the activities, lively, energetic, theatrical, practices like these will help students learn. In return, the dynamic collaboration of these weaknesses will cause growth for the students and myself.

The learning pyramid shows us that the two most

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