Strengths Based Social Work Assessment : Transforming The Dominant Paradigm

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Strengths-Based Social Work Assessment: Transforming the Dominant Paradigm

Strengths-Based Social Work Assessment: Transforming the Dominant Paradigm

Today, the modern medical model worldview bases its functions on the concept of deficit-based and disease process as a means of understanding human behavior, as advanced by the DSM and psychopathology. However, the medical society fails to recognize the impact of this worldview on an individual’s view about all human behavior, and human inability to designate behavior in various contexts. According to the article, Graybeal (2001) argues that this approach is commonplace in social services, where people’s perception about behavior influences how services are provided, which in turn limits access to services. The worldview also considerably affects the perceptions of customers and practitioners in the world (Graybeal, 2001).

Graybeal (2001) states that the tension between conflicting paradigms is often dismissed as insignificant and avoided because of threatening and disturbing consequences associated with attempts to address it. There is a contrast that persists between the need for social work knowledge to align with the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual environment and the depressing stories of other individuals living in adversity due to lack of services, owing to conflicting paradigms (Graybeal, 2001). Practitioners and customers remain powerless because…
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